The Steading, Midlothian, Scotland

My family, 5 adults & 1 child met at The Steading in Midlothian, Scotland for lunch on Sunday. It is a cosy little pub with a comfortable restaurant There is also plenty of free parking. Always a good start. 2 of us arrived early but were shown to our table immediately. We had to wait about 30 minutes for the rest of our party, but we were never rushed or made to feel awkward. The warm, lively fire was a cosy, friendly feature.

When the others arrived and we looked at the menu the choices were wide and varied. However, 4 of us are strict vegetarians and the choices for us were limited and there were no offers for us on the “specials” menu.

Having said that, the food was freshly prepared and very tasty. We all enjoyed our meals and would go back again. The price was very reasonable:  for the 6 of us was only £12.50 per head for one course and appetisers.

Valerie Penny


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