The Gypsy Cream, 6 Frazer Street, Largs, Scotland, KA30 9HP

A few of my friends were meeting in this little cafe,The Gypsy Cream, 6 Frazer Street, Largs, Scotland,  and included me in the invitation.  I was neither familiar with the name, nor even the street this cafe is in, so I was pleased when Ann offered me a lift.  That way at least I would know where we were going!  Nestling in a side street near the centre of Largs, I was pleasantly Imagesurprised when we went in to this little place. The Gypsy Cream is a hidden gem.   It has an unassuming frontage but inside it is warm, welcoming and spotlessly clean. Access for those who have mobility issues or are physically disabled is easy. Access to the restaurant is even easy for those in wheelchairs.

The cafe has won awards for its delicious home made soups. There were four of us at the table.  We all chose to go with the soup and sandwich combo.  All the sandwiches are freshly made to order.  The young staff are courteous and gypsy-creamhelpful offering choices of breads,  spread and fillings.  However, it is the soups for which the cafe has received its awards.  There were four soups on offer the day we went.  The chicken broth which, unusually, contained large lumps of chicken! The lentil soup is a thick hearty favourite here.  The cream of cauliflower soup is served with or without a sprinkling of fresh Parmesan cheese.  The last was cream of tomato.  I am vegetarian and our server kindly checked for me that either the tomato soup or the cauliflower soup was suitable for me, having been made with vegetarian stock.  It is nice to have a choice.

It is probably just as well that we did not notice all the delicious looking home made cakes at the rear of the restaurant. or we might be there yet!  So, all in all, The Gypsy Cream is an excellent little restaurant that I highly commend.

Valerie Penny




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