The Blue Parrot Bar and Grille, Manchester, England

manchesterMy husband and I visited Manchester, England recently. It is not a city we know and we had no idea where to go for lunch. We ended up in The Blue Parrot Bar and Grille, is a really good restaurant.  What a find! We just stumbled upon it and considered ourselves lucky to do so. My husband and I had a late lunch here on a Tuesday.  The place was almost empty.  The glasses are stylish and the ambience is great.  So it was a shame the place was empty because the tasty food is freshly cooked to order and truly delicious.


I ordered the halloumi cheese and grilled pepper sandwich.  My husband had the battered fish with chips and fresh home made tartare sauce.  We also had a side order of onion rings.

haloumiNow here the service is not fast.  Also, as everything is cooked to order, you do not need to be in a hurry.  Although the restaurant was almost empty, we waited almost 30 minutes from ordering to receiving our meals.  Nevertheless the service was polite and our meals were both very tasty.

We both enjoyed our meals and highly recommend The Blue Parrot Bar and Grille.

Valerie Penny


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