Romeo and Juliet’s Inn, Kilbirnie Road, Dalry KA24 5JS, Scotland

Romeo and Juliet’s was formerly a restaurant in West Kilbride, however, at a rent reveiw, rumour has it, that a greedy landlord forced the closure of that little gem. This was to the detriment of the village, and probably also the landlord as the building remains empty. However, the business was to rise again when the owners of it took over the former Dalry Inn.  This required a major refurbishment, which was undertaken and the restaurant has been taken to the locals hearts.  It is rumoured the rooms above the inn are also being refurbished, but more gradually.

So my husband and I and some friends decided to give the new re-vamped restaurant a try.  We were delighted to be able to park easily and entry is easy for all.  We had booked a table as we had been warned that booking at the weekend is essential.  However, it was 7pm on a Saturday night and the place was almost empty! We were very surprised.


The dining area was spotlessly clean, as were all the facilities.  Certainly the dining room is huge.  It is decorated in a minimalist style and, as it was so empty, it felt a bit like walking into a barn.  For some reason that was not entirely clear we were seated in a corner far away from the staff and other diners.  We wondered if they were expecting a late rush of customers, but none materialised.

The menu was varied but not very imaginative.  Portions are certainly large and filling but my husband and I found the food a bit too salty.  I was disappointed that my gin and tonic was served without ice, although the waitress did go in search of slimline tonic.  I suspect a lot of the food is frozen (like chips, onion rings and so on) and the puddings did not taste home made but were very tasty. However, the food and drinks are competitively priced and we did all enjoy our meal.

images We were the last diners to leave the restaurant and I did get the feeling the place was closing down round about us with the staff staring at us and wishing us to go home. This was an odd feeling at before 10pm on a Saturday night and it made me uncomfortable. Despite this and with qualifications as stated, I have no doubt we will use the Romeo and Juliet Inn again.

Valerie Penny


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  2. Posted by Valerie Penny on July 19, 2014 at 11:24 am

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  3. I do hope this business succeeds. It sounds as if they are trying hard. What a pity they moved from West Kilbride.



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