The Crosse Keys, 9 Gracechurch Street, London, England EC3V 0DR

On a recent visit to London, for business and pleasure, I stopped into the Crosse Keys pub in Gracechurch Street, London, England, for breakfast!  It was just next door to my hotel and offered breakfast at a very reasonable price with a large glass of orange juice and a mug of Earl Grey tea. They even catered for my vegetarian diet, delicious!outside

The pub is situated in a beautiful building that looks as if it may have started life as a bank.  As it is close to The Bank of England in Threadneedle Street, I suppose that is not too surprising.

It is very large and a little daunting to enter alone. However, the staff and locals are friendly and everything is very clean. There are one or two steps into the building so access for disabled people may be a little challenging.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my breakfast. It was served hot and was very tasty. I would certainly recommend this venue. It is not fancy but definitely fits the bill for cheap, cheerful and tasty meals.

Valerie Penny

X keys


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