Happiee Daze,100 Marchmont Road, Marchmont, Edinburgh EH91HR, Scotland

happiee dazeMy friend, Manigeh Hoyland, has always been an amazing cook. I have never been served a bad meal by her. So, when she decided to set up her cafe, Happiee Daze, in Marchmont Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, I was sure it would be a success. Others expressed skepticism citing the number of other eateries in the vicinity. I had no such worries.

It is now 4 years since she established her business and I was right. She serves soup, home made every morning and her range of hot and cold sandwiches, rolls and panini is as delicious as it is varied.

Happiee Daze offers the opportunity to sit in or take away your choice of meal. The range of coffee (with or without flavoured syrup) is wide. Tea is also served! I enjoyed my latte. The coffee beans are freshly ground and the flavour full and smooth. I had a cheese and vegetable panini. It was freshly made in front of me and included a generous portion of cheese as well as vegetables carefully chosen to complement each other. It was delicious. I sat in for my meal. Access is easy for the disabled and those with mobility issues.

I took out a portion of soup and a bacon roll for my mother. The roll contained far more bacon that Mum would usually expect. She was very surprised by that. She also really enjoyed the soup. As she had not been keeping very well, it was good to see her enjoying her food.

It was clear from visiting Happiee Daze that Manigeh has a very loyal clientele. She knows many of them by their happiee mapfirst names and serves many more without them actually ordering! Like wise, she values her customers: each and every one of them. She does not make the same soup every Monday, because she has ladies who come in for soup at the beginning of each week and she does not want to serve them the same soup each time they come. Such mutual value and care is unusual these days. It is nice to see.

I highly recommend Happiee Daze, not only because Manigeh is my good friend, but also because the food is delicious, competitively priced and I am sure you will enjoy a visit to this little cafe. It is a gem.

Valerie Penny


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  2. What a great review – happy customers is the name of the game!



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