Sixpoint Bengali Ale by guest author Beertiful


The  Sixpoint Brewery is a brewery that was founded 2004, in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York City, USA. The Sixpoint logo is a combination of the brewer’s hexagram and the nautical star. It is a refreshingly stylish yet multi-faceted brewery that creates non-specifc brews, puts on beer festivals for charities and has a fantastic website. Check out their Anatomy of Nanokeg, and sells their beers in powdered packets too. And a science section for experimental brews. And they run seminars and host web tastings. There is a lot going on here. The brew house is a self organised community who have gathered together in the name of beer. 

The Bengali brew is an Ale yet it is floral with hops and it has a malt biscuit foundation and finish. Its slight carbonation and hop notes comes to an end without the bitterness that you would expect with this aroma leaving you with an ale that could be shared amongst a wide ranged audience.

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