California Pizza Kitchen, 8343 S. Park Meadows Center Drive Littleton, Colorado 80124, USA

caliifMy husband and I recently joined friends for an early lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen near Centenial airport in Littleton, Colorado, USA. It is part of a chain of eateries that purports to serve up inventive pizzas plus pastas and salads in a modern setting.

We arrived just as the restaurant opened for the day as the blond, grumpy hostess unlocked the door. She informed us that the restaurant had just opened, as if we should have stood outside for a while as she gathered her thoughts. It made me feel very uncomfortable. During the 75 minutes we were there this young woman never cracked a smile once. Maybe she was having a bad day, but she was the most unwelcoming and frosty-faced hostess I have ever come across. Even the out-going charm of our waitress, Terri, did not overcome this bad first impression.5 cheese

We took time to have a close look at the wide and varied menu. There are all sorts of combinations available at lunchtime. One of our friends split a 5 cheese,tomato and basil pizza with me and we each had a half salad. It was all roasted_veg_saladreally fresh and delicious. However, even the half portion of salad was enormous. We should probably have shared that too as we ended up boxing at least half of the salads.

Our other friend chose the tortilla soup and small pizza combination. He said the soup was particularly good. To be honest, that meal did look like a more sensible size for a meal in the middle of the day. My husband chose the thin crust meat pizza. I was amazed by the variety of different types of meat on it. He had not had any breakfast, so he was very hungry and really enjoyed the meatpizza very much.

The pizzas are freshly made and with attention to detail and we all enjoyed our meal very much. Had it not been for the bad attitude with which we were greeted by the hostess, I would recommend California Pizza Kitchen unreservedly for quality as well as value for money.


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