Making This Mistake Could Ruin Your Vacation by guest author Sunny Sleevez

This article was first published on 6 August, 2015 at

Nothing puts a damper on vacation like reaching for your smart phone or wallet only to find it’s gone. Often signs warning of pick pocketing activity in popular tourist places are actually helpful for pickpockets too! Why? Because as soon as we see that warning sign, our instinct is to immediately reach for our valuables to be sure we haven’t already been a target.

pickpocketPickpockets watch for tourists to check their valuables then follow them to another location before helping themselves

The number one target item today is a smart phone, not only for the phone but mostly for the data it contains.

DO make sure your phone and its SIM card are both protected with a PIN

DO Keep a record of your phone’s IMEI number (dial *#06# to locate it) that way you can block it in the event that it is pick pocketed.

DON’T keep your drivers license with your credit cards, you don’t want thieves to have your money as well as your birthday and home address!pick clothes

DO keep a spare credit card in a different location.
DON’T keep your wallet in your back pocket

DO keep a simple rubber band around your wallet; it makes it harder to slip out of a pocket

DO keep backup copies of passport, insurance documents, driver’s license etc in a secure location preferably online so you can access them easily in the event you are a victim.

Most of all be aware of your surroundings, be suspicious of anyone trying to misdirect your attention, or groups of people who “accidentally” bump into you.

Sunny Sleevez


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