Jamie’s Italian, Ground Floor, 38 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8AY

Recently friends met up with my family and we went to Jamie’s Italian, at 38 Threadneedle St, London, England. It is one of the restaurants that forms a chain promoted by Biritsh clelbrity chef, Jamie Oliver. My friends particularly like Italian food and I was excited about visiting this restaurant. Jamie Oliver has an excellent reputation. Jamie’s Jamie-Oliver1Italian is the celebrity chef’s relaxed Italian chain, with rustic menu and antipasti bar.

There are many points in favour of the establishment. Firstly, it is on the ground floor of a former bank in Threadneedle Street. There is easy access on foot or by public transport and the place is not difficult to find. As the building was a bank, it has ceilings of banking hall proportions, tall with wide decorative features. There is plenty space between tables so you do not feel crowded or over heard. The style is rustic, but comfortable and the service is exemplary. I have not had such jamie's gennaroexcellent service outside North America. Jamie’s Italian should be very proud of its staff. The food is another matter.

The evening we were there, Jamie Oliver was not in attendance. We did, however see chef Gennaro Contaldo at the bar, over-seeing proceedings and directing staff. I felt we were in good hands. Chef Contaldo came to prominance in the UK as one half of the two chefs in a television programme “The Two Greedy Italians” that first aired in 2011.

We shared portions of breads and olives to have with drinks before we ordered ourJamie's olives meals. There were 7 of us in total, an awkward number, but we had been able to book a table at the restaurant without any difficulty. For my main course, I chose a mushroom tagliatelle, as did my friend. My daughters opted for the tagliatelle bolognese, my son-in-law and my friend’s husband chose from the selection of risottos on offer while my husband chose cod with a side order of chips. We ordered three salads: a green salad, a bean salad and a beetroot salad to share amongst the table.

When our food arrived, we were offered parmasan cheese and black pepper. My husband is a big man, with a big appetite. When his portion of cod arrived, my son-in-law could be heard to mention that he could inhale the fish up his left nostril, the portion was so small. Thank goodness he had ordered the chips, but, sadly, these were not sufficient to fill him up either. When my pasta was served, I was in the middle of a story. I paused for the parmsan and pepper to be sprinkled and then finished before starting my meal. By the time I started, the pasta had absorbed the sauce and was Jamie's injust sticky with the occasional black smudge of mushroom. My older daughter agreed her pasta was sticky too.

I would not have said anything, as the family had company, however, when the waiter came and asked me if everything was ok, I mentioned the sticky pasta. He did offer to get me a fresh plate, but my daughter held my arm to prevent me from accepting that offer, again, because our friends were present. My meal was taken off the bill.

The salads were very tasty. We all enjoyed them, except for my husband, who felt they would not go well with his fish. My husband chose an icecream desert, my friend chose a chocolate slice and we all finished the meal with a variety of teas and coffee.Jamie's out

So, how did the evening go? It was a great success in that we were in good company and the service at Jamie’s Italian was excellent. The meal was reasonably priced. Would I use Jamie’s Italian again? Not unless it was the last restaurant in town. The food was distinctly average and that was particularly disappointing. I cannot recommend Jamie’s Italian.


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