Bio 100, Piazza di Porta Sao Paolo, Rome, Italy

bio-100-pyramidOn a sunny October morning, my husband and I ventured across Rome, Italy, to see the pyramid and the area around it. We expected a modern-style glass edice as in the Louvre in Paris, France but were thrilled to find a much more traditional stone built

It is in the area around Piazza di Porta Sao Paolo, a vibrant area with shops, cafe restaurants and some pretty park areas. We enjoyed exploring

After our walk we decided to stop for a coffee. There were lots of little cafes around but we chose Bio 100. The ingredients there are all 100% gm free. Although we did not stop to eat, all the sandwiches, salads and cakes looked delicious. The staff were very helpful and the cafe is spotlessly clean. They have seating inside and outside. We were lucky that the weather was mild enough to allow us to sit and relax outside and watch the world go

The coffee we had was delicious and we enjoyed the ambience of Bio 100. I highly recommend it.

Valerie Penny


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