Barcaccia, Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy

icecream-3The first time I ever tasted roated chestnuts was in Larimer Square, Denver, Colorado, USA on a cold winter’s day when I was Christmas shopping with friends. The memory of that happy day and the smell of the chestnuts, is probably more palatable to me than the taste if the products! However, when I smelt the chesnuts in Piazza di Spagna and my husband offered to buy me some, I could not resist.We munched through the portion on a corner of Piazza di Spagna watching a wedding procession led by a bagpiper. It was fun, but quite surreal!

When we went back to Piazza di Spagna a few days later, it wasicecream-2 my turn to treat us and I went to the opposite end of the spectrum. We had double scoop icecream cones from the amazing gelateria that is Baracaccia.

The icecream from Baracaccia is not cheap, but the shop is in Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy, so you would expect nothing less. My husband chose strawberry and melon, I had chocolate chip and lemon. All were delicious, and it was a lovely end to the day, standing in Piazza di Spagna, people watching and indulging in delicious icecream. I highly recommend Baracaccia.

Valerie Penny


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