Cactus Cantina,3300 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, USA

I enjoy Mexican food. Where I grew up in the SW of the USA, it was not difficult to find good, tasty food served in colourful surroundings. However, now I live in the SW across the pond, good Mexican food is much harder to find. So, it was with happiness and excitement that I returned to Cactus Cantina, 3300 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, USA.cactus-cantina-out

The first time I visited Cactus Cantina was with my friend Maureen, over twenty years ago. I have visited the restaurant almost everytime I have visited the Capital and it is with great pleasure that I was able to introduce my husband and other friends, Lisa and Bill to the restaurant I have enjoyed for so many years.cactus-cantina

Cactus Cantina was founded in December 1990 by Raul Sanchez and Luis Reyes and is a fun, engaging, casual, family-friendly restaurant serving what I think is the best Text-Mex specialties in the Washington Area. It resembles a true, authentic Tex-Mex cantina with capacity for 300 people. While it is best known for our awesome Tex-Mex menu, our restaurant also serves Cuban, Spanish, and South American dishes.

cactus-zooI even enjoy the area of the city in which Cactus Cantina is situated, past Washingto DC Zoo and near the National Cathedral. Tex-Mex fare, margaritas & a patio draw college students and families to this lively, casual spot.Washington D.C.

We started off with tortilla chips and salsa. The boys had beer while Lisa and I treated ourselves to margaritas. My husband wanted to try everything so he had the Matamoros which includes BBQ pork ribs and chicken fajitas. I am vegetarian and chose the vegetarian burrito platter.cactus-cantina-saddle

We had a wonderful evening: great service, fun environment and excellent food. For a good evening with old friends, I highly recommend Cactus Cantina in Washington DC.

Valerie Penny



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