City Centre Bath Street Suite 2/6, 289 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

My husband and I had booked theatre tickets in Glasgow. We live a train journey away and so we booked an apartment at City Centre Bath Street in Glasgoe for the one night. The cost was half of that for a reasonable hotel in the city centre. We had not realised that the building was quite so far from Central Station or we would probably have taken a cab rather tha walked. However, it was directly across the road from the King’s Theatre, so getiing back after the show was very quick.

The apartment was clean, with the exception of a glob of chewimg gum stuck to the waste bin. My feeling was, if that had been overlooked, what else had? So I washed cups and glasses before we used them. There was also a small rug over the vinyl leading into the kitchen area. The floor under this required repair.

City centre kitchen 2

The accomodation comprised a hall, livingroom/kitchen, double bedroom and bathroom. The apartment was only booked for the two of us, but the sofas in the livingroom had been made up into beds, although there was a double bedroom. Clean towels, hand towels and bath towels were out for each of the possible guests and there was a little tray of teas, coffees milks and sugars. The bathroom was clean and bright. The kitchen was well appointed but the surfaces were so clear, it was obvious this was not a home.

In the bedroom, unfortunately, the bulbs in one of the bedside lights did not have a bulb in it and the bed was a tight double bed. However, the bedding was clean and the bed was comfortable. city centre bedroom

There were dvds and books on the wndow sill near the television set. My guess is those had been left by previous occupants, but it was a nice gesture and we would probably have watched a couple of the movies if we had been there for longer.

We were not sure where the King’s Theatre was in relation to the apartment block, but when my husband looked out of the window, there it was! We went out for dinner and had breakfast in Central station before we got the train home. Even the show we went to see was excellent. City centre bed 2 living area.jpg

Despite my reservations, I would use this apartment again if I were going to a show at The Kings Theatre, because it is so conveniently situated.

Val Penny



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