Bei Hotel 50 8th St, San Francisco, California 94103, USA

bei hotel outOn a recent visit to SanFrancisco I booked to stay in the Bei Hotel at 50 8th Street, San Francisco, California, at the time of my visit there was a lot of work going on to the b uilding and I would not have booked it had I known, however, the work did not detract greatly from the enjoyment of my stay as it was carried out during the day when I was not there. The hotel will be immensely smart when the work is finished.bei hotel in

Bei Hotel is at 8th Street between Market and Mission is in a central part of the city (and near the terminal for cable cars) but there are many homeless people and drug addicts who congress around there. Going out and about alone can be unnerving.bei hotel pool

Having said that the hotel is extremely comfortable. The rooms are minimalist but spacious and comfortable. The beds are extremely comfortable. There is a pool on the roof, which I did not use. The restaurant serves breakfast, but compared to the local diners and coffee shops that is an expensive choice. The evening meals offered are varied and interesting but there are many bars and restaurants that provide interesting choices. (If you are eating out on a Saturday evening – book in advance!)bei hotel room.jpg

The staff at Bei Hotel are extremely helpful and courteous. Access for those with mobility issues is easy. I enjoyed my stay at Bei Hotel and would stay there again. It is an excellent base for visitng the fascinating city that is San Francisco.

bei hotel bathroom

Val Penny

The Garrison Public House, 99-101 Bermondsey St, London, England

I visited London recently to take part in the Festival of Learning at Eltham Library, Greenwich. In the evening one of my daughters and her partner met up with me and we had dinner at The Garrison Public House, 99-101 99 Bermondsey St, London, England. The establishment is conveniently situated for those travelling into the city through London Bridge Station.

The Garrison Public House

The focus of this chic little restaurant is on fresh British produce with the chefs changing menus frequently to highlight the best seasonal offering, sourced from local Bermondsey suppliers, and predominately from British farms and fishermen. The pride in their food is justified. My daughter and I both chose the spinach and riccotta cheese ravioli and shared a side order of broccolli and asparagus. Her partner went with the viener schnitzel with a side order of fries. As it was a school night, we all chose soft drinks. Our server came back to ask if we wanted other drinks more often than I felt was necessary, and that was a bit intrusive.

the garrison inside

However, the food was delicious and the quantities sufficient for an evening meal. We shared the cheese board afterwards and my daughter had a mint tea while I chose the earl grey tea. The selection of British cheeses was tasty, but the serving of crackers was rather mean.

the garrison foodThe meal I had at The Garrison Public House was very tasty, the service let the restaurant down a little, and the lay-out is not perfect for those with mobility issues. Despite that, I would visit there again and do recommend it.

Val Penny

Sam’s Diner, 1220 Market Street, San Francisco, California,

On a recent visit to California, My husband, my friends and I were staying in a central hotel on Eighth Street. On a couple of occassions we stopped into Sam’s Diner on Market Street, for breakfast. Sam's Diner out

Sam’s Diner was recommended to us by the recption at our hotel and it was a good call. The menu is varied and offers breakfast dishes from fruit or oatmeal to eggs benedict . On our first visit we were seated in the boothe commorating the service of a former Mayor of the city and there s a large TV on the wall to watch the news. It was really rather nice.

Sam's Diner tv

The entrance to the diner is easy for those with mobility problems, but most of the seats were at booths or high seats at the counter so I am not sure that wheelchair access is realistic.

Service was courteous and our orders were taken quickly. I had a spinach and cheese omelette while my husband had a full breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes. One of our friends had eggs benedict while the other had a scambled eggs with vegetables through it. We all enjoyed our meals, although I could not finish mine, it was just too much food. The friend who had the eggs benedict would have preferred more hollandaise sauce. Sam's Diner booth

One thing that we all agreed on was that the blend of coffee served at Sam’s Diner was a very strong blend and not entirely to our taste. This was so much so that on our second visit, I took tea instead.Sam's diner in

Sam’s Diner was a great find during our visit to San Francisco and I would certainly recommend it, especially if you like very strong coffee.

Val Penny

City Centre Bath Street Suite 2/6, 289 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

My husband and I had booked theatre tickets in Glasgow. We live a train journey away and so we booked an apartment at City Centre Bath Street in Glasgoe for the one night. The cost was half of that for a reasonable hotel in the city centre. We had not realised that the building was quite so far from Central Station or we would probably have taken a cab rather tha walked. However, it was directly across the road from the King’s Theatre, so getiing back after the show was very quick.

The apartment was clean, with the exception of a glob of chewimg gum stuck to the waste bin. My feeling was, if that had been overlooked, what else had? So I washed cups and glasses before we used them. There was also a small rug over the vinyl leading into the kitchen area. The floor under this required repair.

City centre kitchen 2

The accomodation comprised a hall, livingroom/kitchen, double bedroom and bathroom. The apartment was only booked for the two of us, but the sofas in the livingroom had been made up into beds, although there was a double bedroom. Clean towels, hand towels and bath towels were out for each of the possible guests and there was a little tray of teas, coffees milks and sugars. The bathroom was clean and bright. The kitchen was well appointed but the surfaces were so clear, it was obvious this was not a home.

In the bedroom, unfortunately, the bulbs in one of the bedside lights did not have a bulb in it and the bed was a tight double bed. However, the bedding was clean and the bed was comfortable. city centre bedroom

There were dvds and books on the wndow sill near the television set. My guess is those had been left by previous occupants, but it was a nice gesture and we would probably have watched a couple of the movies if we had been there for longer.

We were not sure where the King’s Theatre was in relation to the apartment block, but when my husband looked out of the window, there it was! We went out for dinner and had breakfast in Central station before we got the train home. Even the show we went to see was excellent. City centre bed 2 living area.jpg

Despite my reservations, I would use this apartment again if I were going to a show at The Kings Theatre, because it is so conveniently situated.

Val Penny


DiCicco’s 6701 Tower Rd, Denver, Colorado, USA

DiCicco's foodMy husband and I had just arrived back in Denver. It is always good to be back in the mile high city. We were met at the airport by three close friends and there was no time like the present to go out to dinner and have a good old catch-up.

Our friends are local and they decided on DiCicco’s Italian Resturant near Denver International Airport. What a good choice! DiCicco’s has been Family owned and operated since 1956. They serve classic and contemporary Italian dishes of which many are handed down from generation to generation within the family.

DiCicco’s has traditionally decorated murals around the walls and a large screen showing scenes while relaxing music plays in the background. The serving staff are polite and attentive. If anything, slightly too attentive: two of the waiters had an argument in front of us about who was going to be our server. I did think that could have been better handled in private.Dicicco's inside 5

However, the food we ordered was excellent. The salads were fresh and the mains tasty and satisfying. We chose not to have alcohol: we were jet lagged and our friends were driving but we did check out the wine list and DiCicco’s seems to keep a good cellar. I had a vegetarian pasta as did one of our friends. My husband and another of our friends had a combination dish of spaghetti and meatballs, canneloni and ravioli and the last member of the group tucked into an egg plant (aubergine) parmasan. Dicicco's food 2

Unfortunately none of us had room for a dessert because the cakes and puddings sounded fabulous. I was surprised that the bill was acceptably modest at just over $20.00 a head. DiCicco’s has easy access for those with mobility issues. I highly recommed this restaurant and will certainly visit here again.

Val Penny

Wildwood, Lothian Rd, Edinburgh, Scotland,

I always get a little nervous when I am meeting a lot of new people for the first time, but for the meal arranged by the inimitable Kelly Lacey for the Facebook Group, Authors and Book Bloggers in Scotland, I need not have worried – what a lovely meal in excellent company. Wildwood 105-109 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh, Scotland is very centrally situated so it was easy for everybody to get to either by car or public transport. wildwood out 2

We were all seated at one long table I was sitting amidst a very jolly group and the chat flowed easily. Several bottles of Prcesso were on the table and included in the cost of our meal. It all added to the happy atmosphere. The staff were most warm and friendly without being intrusive and we all enjoyed a joke with them. wild wood in

The restaurant is decorated in a modern, relaxed style and, because there were so many of us, we had ordered in advance. Our starters arrived on large sharing platters these included figs and strips of pizza bread with cheese and onion jam. Everything was delicious.

Main course choices included sea bass and turkey but I chose the pizza. This caused great hilarity as it was enormous and would comfortably have fed a family of five for  a fortnight, I think! I thoroughly enjoyed what I had, but there was no way I could possibly finished such a large serving. Deserts included a chocoltate brownie with ice cream or a sorbet. I had the brownie. Again, this was very tasty but I had already eaten so much, perhaps I should have chosen the sorbet.

wildwood food

All in all this was a delightful afternoon. The restaurant did not rush us at all and I had a delicious meal in fresh surroundings served by attentive staff and in good company. I highly recommend Wildwood and plan to visit again with my husband when we are in Edinburgh.

Val Penny


Victoria & Albert Museum, Tatha Bar & Kitchen, 1 Riverside Esplanade, Dundee

I was pleased to be able to attend the Crime Writers’ Association Scottish lunch recently. The inimitable Wendy H Jones found time not only to organise the event, but also to prepare a quiz, wrap a gift for each attendee and generally be a fabulous host. Prices in Edinburgh and Glasgow have risen so greatly in the last few years that this event was booked for the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tatha Bar & Kitchen, 1 Riverside Esplanade, Dundee. There could certainly not have been a more excellent setting for the gathering.

v-and-a-museum-in-dundee out

V&A Dundee is an international centre of design museum in Dundee, Scotland. It presents the brilliance of Scottish creativity and the best of design from around the world. It opened on 15 September 2018. The V&A Dundee is the first design museum in Scotland and the first Victoria and Albert museum outside London. V&A Dundee provides a place of inspiration, discovery and learning. The V&A Dundee is also the first building in the United Kingdom that has been designed by Kengo Kuma.

V & A Restaurant 1.jpg

I arrived a little late due to problems with the trains, so climbed the steps to the Tatha Bar & Kitchen which is located upstairs in the new museum with a balcony overlooking the River Tay. I had excellent company as I sat at a table with Mac Logan and the Mulgrew twins who, apparently, mamnged to write cosy crime novels together without ripping each others heads off. Apparently diners can normally expect a true taste of Tayside, with brewers, fishmongers and farmers from Dundee and Perth all being brought on board as suppliers and Dundee brewery 71 Brewing will be providing two main beers – Mandarina Sky and 71 Lager. However, we chose from the more limited festive menu.

Now here I must declare an interest in that I am vegetarian. There was a vegetarian choice for each course and for last course the cheese was vegetarian. The fig, pear and walnut salad that I had for my first course was delicious but the serving was very tiny. Nouvelle cuisine rules at the V & A Dundee! My companions also enjoyed thier first course of salmon but agreed that the offerings were small.

v & a restaurant 2

There was then over an hour to wait before the main courses arrived. Wendy had to chase up the servers. The vegetarian choice was pollenta served with a predictably small serving of vegetables. My meal was very poorly seasoned, dull and dry. I sent it back. I got no apology nor explanation. I see no reason why vegetarians should receive food that is not tasty. Having said that, my fellow diners said their meals, duck, were not warm enough and rather chewy. Not only vegetarians were being targetted with poor quality food. Having taken an hour to provide the main courses, it was disappointing that they were not perfect.

The last course took so long to arrive that some of our group thought they would have to leave before it arrived. Again, Wendy was disturbed because she went to speak to the restaurant manager about this too. When the desrts arrived, they were delicious. My table companions all chose a sweet. Again, the serving was small but I chose the cheese: a vegatarian brie with bread. It was an enormous portion and beautifully ripened cheese.

The Tatha Bar and Kitchen has such spectacular views across the River Tay and is set in av & a 3 fascinating and unique building, so it is a shame that the quality of our meal and the service were both so very poor. I cannot recommend the restaurant but luckily for me, the company I was in was fine.

Val Penny