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Il Radicchio Ristorante, 1801 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, Virginia, USA

arlington.jpgI have always enjoyed my visits to Arlington, Virginia, USA. I first visited the State many years ago when my friend Connie was my hostess. It was then I also met our friend Denise. Good times. However, on my most recent visit to Virginia, my husband and I went with our friends Lisa and Bill. We visited their niece, Nika and her beau, Hani and they hosted a pre-dinner drinks party for us. It was such fun. After this we all made our way to Il Radiccho Ristorante, Nika and Hani’s favourite restaurant. They have good taste!radiccio-menu


Il Radicchio is quite a small, family run, Italian restaurant. It has a fun atmosphere and friendly service. There is easy disabled access to Il Radicchio Ristorante and there are lots of choices of food available for vegetarians as well as omnivores. We had delicious plates of bruschetta for the table as a starter. It was fun and delicious. The boys chose beer to drink, except for Hani as the poor guy had a late meeting to attend that evening and needed a clear head. The girls shared a bottle of red wine. The breads and salads on offer were lovely too.


For our main courses we mainly chose a variety of risotto, pizza and pasta dishes. My husband chose the spahetti bolognese and spicy sausage. He has a big appetite and the portion was ample for him. I chose the spaghetti with pureed basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil. It was delicious, but I could not finish my meal! Nevetheless, we all made room for coffee and deserts. My husband had an americano coffee to wash down his chocolate cake while I enjoyed a latte with my icecream sundae. rad-cake

We very much enjoyed the embiance and the food at Il Radicchio Ristorante. Next time you are in Arlington, I highly recommend this restaurant.

 Valerie Penny


Al Cardello, Via del Cardello, Rome, Italy

My husband and I stopped for lunch at Al Cardello, Via del Cardello, Rome, Italy. It is a delightful little restaurant on the corner of Via del Cardello. It was very busy but we were shown to a little table in the sunshine.

We had spent all morning at the Forum. What a lot there was to see! However, we were glad the restaurant was close. By the time we got to Al Cardello both of us welcomed a long drink of water. I also chose a soft drink and my husband had a beer. There were other tourists, but also lots of Italian customers in the restaurant. I always think it is a good sign if local people use a

We chose an insalata caprese to share as our starter. I had a spaghetti pomodoro for my main course, while my husband opted for the house special of fettuccine with meatballs. Everything was made to order and there was no rush. The salad was served with brown bread. It was very

It was lovely to relax and spend an afternoon in this friendly, family run restaurant. The restaurant clearly does no believe in nouvelle cuisine: the portions were a very good size. We both enjoyed our meals very much. We were hungry and appreciated the hearty

After we were finished, as we were enjoying the atmosphere so much, we decided to extend our stay with a coffee. What a good coffee! When we went inside the restaurant to pay our bill, we were amazed at the amount of seating inside. Al Cardello is a real little tardis and it has a beautiful counter of hanging meats, fresh fruit and a variety of cardello inside.jpg

If you visit Rome, I highly recommend Al Cardello. I am sure you will get as warm a welcome and as good a meal as we did.

Valerie Penny