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Pizzeria La Fiorfiore, Via della Croce 17, 00187 Rome, Italy

rome-outsideMy husband and I were looking for somewhere to eat lunch near the Spanish Steps in Rome. There were lots of little pizzeria and trattoria but many of them had prices we were not willing to pay, just for lunch. When we turned down Via della Croce there were two restaurants directly opposite one another wih menus and prices much the same. We chose the one on the left and ended up in Pizzeria La Fiorfiore.rome-pasta

It was very crowded and the lavatories left a lot to be desired. Indeed, we decided against visiting the rest rooms. However, the cooking area was open and was clean. The waiters worked fast to ensure all the customers were served timeously.rome-chicken

We were quite hungry so we had a starter we shared mozzerella balls. They were very tasty but extremely hot which made me think they might have been microwaved. Still, we enjoyed them. For our main course, I chose pasta. I had the tagliatelle with mushroom sauce. I had had the same dish at Jamie’s Italian in Threadneedle Street, London. It is reviewed here, . I  wish no disrespect to the celebrity chef, but I enjoyed my meal at Pizzeria La Fiorfiore better. My husband chose the roast chicken and thoroughly enjoyed it. The portion size was generous and that suited him very well!rome-inside

The lunch we had at Pizzeria La Fiorfiore was tasty and not too expensive, bearing it is near the Spanish Steps. I would visit this little restaurant again.

Valerie Penny


Jamie’s Italian, 5 More London Place, London, England

We went to London, England to visit family and managed to arrange that everybody was free to join us for a meal on the same evening. We played safe and booked an Italian Jamie OliverRestaurant, Jamie’s Italian, 5 More London Place, London, England  that we could enter from our hotel, Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel, 5 More London Place, Tooley Street London SE1 2BY, England. The hotel is reviewed at

Jamie’s Italian bears the name of celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. We had been to another branch of Jamie’s Italian a few months previously. It is reviewed at I was not overly impressed with the food, but other members of the family had enjoyed it so I was willing to give Jamie’s Italian, 5 More London Place, London, England a try. I am very glad I did.

The ambience of this Jamie’s Italian is relaxed and friendly. The service from the moment we arrived to the moment we left was very good, but not quite as good as the service par excellence that I experienced at Jamie’s Italian Threadneedle Street, London. This is not a criticism, just a comparison.

Jamie's Italian insideWe were seated in a large booth and started our meal with olives and a delicious variety of breads. My husband and son-in-law sampled the beers while my daughters and I indulged by following a gin and tonic with a bottle of Prosecco. We chose a variety of main courses. My husband had a turkey milanese. This was a turkey steak stuffed with prosciutto and fontal cheese, breadcrumbed and topped with a fried egg and black truffle with a side of fries. He enjoyed it very much.

My son-in-law chose the Gennaro’s chargrilled & butterflied chicken breast which was served with peas, beans and courgette with a hazelnut and lovage pesto. He also had a side portion of fries. My elder daughter chose a JI superfoods salad with chicken. The salad comprised fresh avocado, roasted beets, pulses & grains, sprouting broccoli, pomegranate & spicy seeds with harissa dressing & cottage cheese. She really enjoyed it. My younger daughter and I both chose veggie tagliatellie bolognese. It was a lovely recipe with an agù of porcini mushrooms, tomatoes, pulses, herbs & garlic with Bella Lodi & herby breadcrumbs: very tasty indeed.Jamie's Italian 5.jpg

Only my husband made it to desert. He had the Tiramisu which he said was the best he had tasted. We rounded off the meal with a variety of teas and coffees. We had a delicious meal in relaxing surroundings. I recommend Jamie’s Italian, 5 More London Place, London, England and would use this restaurant again.

Valerie Penny