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Paul Hollywood Bakery and Coffee, Euston Street, Kings Cross, London

Paul HollywoodIf I were Paul Hollywood, I would be embarrassed to have my name associated with this establishment.

I have never been a particular fan of the celebrity baker Paul Hollywood. (Pause for people to shout at the computer!) However, when my husband and I were meeting our daughter for morning coffee near Euston Station in London the other places were too full for us to find a table so we chose the Paul Hollywood Bakery and Coffee, Euston Street, Kings Cross, London.

I was bitterly disappointed by the service, the drinks, the cleanliness and the decor.

The positive things I should mention are that we did get a table when nowhere else nearby had one for us and my daughter and husband both got what they ordered. So far, so good.Paul Hollywood in

Immediately we walked in, we noticed the decor was shabby. Not shabby chic, shabby. A few seats had grubby cushions, most had had them torn off. The chairs were not comfortable, the tables were not clean and the floor was dirty. We decided not to eat here because of the filth but braved hot drinks. My husband did get his flat white, coffee. My daughter got her tea. I asked for and Earl Grey Tea: I got a PG Tips black tea. I had taken a few sips before I realised, so I didn’t take it back. Paul Hollywood tea

The staff certainly showed no interest in their customers or their environment. There was a notice asking customers to leave their cups, plates and such on the tables and a member of staff will be happy to collect it. In the hour we were there, when the place was not particularly busy, not one member of staff ventured from behind the counter to collect or clean anything. The interest in their own conversations prevented them from having time to do that.Paul Hollywood out.jpg

Would I recommend Paul Hollywood Bakery and Coffee, Euston Street, Kings Cross, London – no. Would I go there again – no.

Val Penny



Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park, London, England

My husband and I chose to stay in this hotel because of its location that is close to the London Theatre District. It is a short taxi ride from Euston and King’s Cross railways stations in London, England. It is also close to a variety of theatres and popular clubs and restaurants. There is good entry to the hotel for those who have disabilities and access throughout was disabled friendly. Check-in was quick and courteous and our room was clean and well appointed. The en-suite bathroom was slightly dated, but again, it was spotlessly clean. We did not use the minibar in our room. The complimentary facilities were excellent.


We were in London immediately prior to our daughter’s wedding and had tickets to see “The Mouse Trap” by Agatha Christie. So, while we were aware of the meeting rooms and fitness suite in this hotel, we had no occasion to use them.

We did use the bar and dining room for an early meal before going to the theatre. Both were very well appointed with good choices available to us. Service was courteous and  friendly, but not obsequious. There was always assistance available to us when we needed help getting a taxi.

When we got back to the hotel from the theatre to the hotel, we found the bed was comfortable and long enough for my husband. He is tall.

The breakfast available in the morning was a full buffet breakfast, as we would expect from an International hotel chain like this. Coffee was Starbucks coffee and was excellent and the choices of things to eat extensive. It even included the possibility of making your own pancakes.entry

Check out was quick and the staff were all helpful, polite and we very much enjoyed our stay. We will use this hotel again and recommend it.

Valerie Penny

Travelodge, King’s Cross Royal Scot, London

Well. my Mother and I were looking for a central hotel in London, England to allow us to visit family and friends in the big smoke on a budget. The Travelodge, King’s Cross Royal Scot, London provided it.

This is not the best hotel in London, it is not even the best Travelodge in London nor the best budget hotel in London. It is all a bit shabby. However it was generally clean and the majority of the staff were British. All the staff were friendly and helpful but not pro-active.
The hotel is enormous and there is only one bank of elevators. Only 2 out of 3 of the elevators worked all weekend.

We were there over a rugby weekend and the hotel was very busy, so breakfast on Saturday was a bit of a scrum! The breakfast buffet is adequate but not sensational. The evening menu in the hotel restaurant is excellent so the evening meals were very varied and tasty.

We were in a twin room. The beds were very narrow but the mattresses were comfortable. If my husband had been there his shoulders would have been broader than the beds and he would have been longer than the bed! There was no chair in the room, but when I asked for one I was told that the hotel did not offer a chair in the room but if I wanted one I could take one from the breakfast room on the first floor as that was not being used, so the problem was solved by me doing the furniture moving. Our room was not cleaned until after 3pm on Sunday.  It felt as if there was either not enough staff or the staff were not well trained or perhaps both.

Did this hotel serve its purpose for us? Yes, but not with any flourish! Would I use this hotel again? Yes, but not with my mother or husband!  They are much fussier than I am!  It is not great, but it is a budget hotel in a budget chain. It is central and is clean and functional. I won’t avoid it but don’t rate it highly.

Valerie Penny