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La Vita, 161 Queen Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 3BJ

My sister and I meet up for lunch every 5-6 weeks. We usually go somewhere mutually inconvenient! Last month wela vita out chose to go to  La Vita, 161 Queen Street, Glasgow, Scotland. This restaurant is situated in central Glasgow, on the corner of George Square, very close to the Queen Street Train Station. As it is on a corner of the street, it has an interesting view to the downstairs dining area. The stairs, however, are rather steep. The tables are also very close together. I would not recommend this restaurant to those who are disabled or with mobility issues. I was also slightly surprised that none of the staff I encountered were Scottish or Italian: for an Italian restaurant in Scotland, I thought that was unusual.

Our table was booked for 1pm. My sister arrived a few minutes early: I was a few minutes late. During this interval the waitress was keen to unite my sister with a complete stranger, who was also waiting for a friend, at pizzaanother table – twice. My sister was incensed by the time I arrived, not with me, but with the unwanted introduction the waitress seemed intent on making for her.

We ordered our meals. We each chose a margarita pizza with a side salad to share. At this time the waitress took it upon herself to berate me for my late arrival. I was bemused but I thought my sister was going to explode. She had, in fact only been waiting about 5 minutes. In any event, it was hardly for the waitress to take this up for vita inside

La Vita has separate menus for food and drinks. There are also chilrdens’ meals available. The menus are varied, but the lunchtime selection for vegetarians is not wide.

Our drinks arrived. They were chilled and nicely served. The pizzas did take a little time to arrive. That is not unusual for freshly prepared food and gave us time to chat. The salad, arrived first. It was quite large and served with a tasty balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was delicious and complemented the pizza perfectly. The pizzas were also large. The tomato base was tangy and tasty as was the cheese used. Both my sister and I enjoyed our meals very much. It was unfortunate that the service was so intrusive. As a result of that service, I am unlikely to use this restaurant again. If you and your companions arrive at the same time, you may enjoy a meal at La Vita.

Valerie Penny


The Counting House, Glasgow, Scotland


The Counting House is one of the Wetherspoons Pubs in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland. It is situated opposite St George’s Square and near Queen Street Train Station. It is always warm and busy and bustling. Orders for both drinks and meals are made at the bar and paid for at the time of ordering. If you are ordering food remember to note your table number before going to the bar! Sometimes it can be difficult to get a table at peak times.

There are a wide variety of meals and snacks on offer. Food is served from breakfast time through lunch until dinner at night. Meals on offer range from usual pub fare of pies, burgers or fish and chips to vegetarian meals, curry, chilli or steaks. Most recently I was there for lunch with my sister. We both took advantage of a meal deal that included drinks in the price. We had burgers and a soft drink followed by Earl Gray tea.

The building itself is an old bank. It is quite grand. The pub is clean and the staff polite. Although the trek to the restrooms may require a packed lunch and a map, the walk is so long, there is no doubt I will go visit here again. Our meal was inexpensive and very tasty.

Valerie Penny