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Seamill House Hotel, 31 Ardrossan Rd, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland

My husband and I have enjoyed afternoon tea and dinner at the Seamill House Hotel, 31 Ardrossan Rd, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland and members of our family have stayed at the hotel. This Hotel offers award winning luxury accommodation at its finest. The coastal location of Seamill now boasts one of Ayrshire’s newest boutique hotels. It is certainly a favourite haunt of ours.

Seamill house hotel

The afternoon tea was a social event for our book group. We were accomodated in a large, bright, private room on the ground floor of the hotel which suited our group well. Orders were taken for tea and coffee, but only teapots were left on the table which meant the the coffee drinkers had to ask for additional refreshments. I also noticed that water was only brought to the table upon request and the number of jugs was minimal for a group of 20 people. The jugs had to be refilled several times.

The meal was traditional consisting of a variety of sandwiches, scones with jam and butter or cream and cakes. The sandwiches were fresh and very tasty and the scones were delicious. While the cakes were lovely, I think they were the smallest cakes I have ever seen!


The quality of service was mixed. Most of the staff were delightful and attentive but one young waitress seemed to think it was her place to comment diparagingly about the number of vegetarians in our party (3). I did not appreciate that.

All in all, as value for money goes, this was good and, provided the young waitress got the additional training she needed, I would return for afternoon tea to the Seamill House Hotel.


When we were hosting friends to dinner, we chose to go to the Seamill House Hotel. There is free parking to the rear of the building and although the restaurant is upstairs, there is a lift for those with mobility issues.

We were seated at a table near the window. Ice water was brought to the table and the service was excellent. I chose the mushroom burger and my husband had the fish and chips. The fish was fresh and flaky and the mushroom burger surprisingly delicious. For desert I chose a chocolate brownie and my husband had the sticky toffee pudding. Both were excellent. I would certainly recommend the Seamill House Hotel as a dinner venue.


When our family stayed in the hotel, they were delighted by the quality of the rooms, and the lovely views. The hotel was busy as there was a party in the simulated golf room and the bar was busy but our group slept well. They all enjoyed the breakfast which was included in the price and I would certainly recommend a stay in the Seamill House Hotel.

Val Penny



The Orangery Restaurant, Seamill Hydro, 39 Ardrossan Road, Seamill, West Kilbride, Scotland

orangery out 2

It is not often that my husband and I can go out for dinner with friends and walk to and from the event, so it was rather nice when we met with Jill and Paul who had suggested we go to dinner at The Orangery restaurant in Seamill Hydro. The hotel has recently undergone a major extension and refurbishment, so we walked down and arrived a little early to have a drink before dinner in the well appointed pub where I had a fine choice of gins.

orangery bar

When we met up with our friends in The Orangery we were seated with them in a booth where we studied all three menus: the regular menu, the vegetarian/vegan menu and the wine menu. The fellows each had a beer, Jill chose a small house wine and I went with a soda water and lime after my earlier gin.Orangery 1

For our meals, we all chose different things. Jill and Paul shared a mixed fish starter while my husband chose a haggis starter and I had the temura vegetables. For our mains, My husband went with a steak, unfortunately this was a bit cooler and more cooked than he had ordered. Jill chose chicken, Paul had a vegetable pasta and I ordered the asparagus and mushroom risotto. My meal was delicious, but very filling. orangery out

Only my husband chose a pudding, a chocolate and icecream desert. The rest of us all had coffee. It was a lovely meal, except for my husband’s steak: the environment was fine, although the service was a big slow. Still, I would give The Orangery another try.

Val Penny

The Corner Cafe, 73 Main St, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland

corner cafeA few weeks ago this new restaurant and takeaway, The Corner Cafe, opened on the corner of Hunterston Road and Main Street in the Craft Town of West Kilbride Ayrshire, Scotland. My husband took me to lunch there recently. The takeaway enters from the corner cafe logoMain Street while the restaurant is entered from Hunterston Road.

When we went in, I was very impressed with the bright modern decor. Also, you can see into the kitchen. I like this, it is clean, tidy and well organised. The Corner Cafe was busy when we arrived for lunch but we did manage to get one last table for two. The table was a decent size, so many modern restaurants have tiny tables for two people.

corner cafe fishWe were also pleasantly surprised by the menu. There were imaginative specials, a variety of light meals and a generous choice of main meals. I was impressed that there was a choice of meals for vegetarians too. My husband swithered with having the fish but finally decided on one of the specials, the chicken caesar club sandwich with fries and extra onion rings. He enjoyed the meal very much. I chose the vegetarian cous cous with roasted vegetables. It was a most unexpected vegetarian option and delious. The portions were generous and there was a lovley choice of cakes and desserts.corner cafe choccake

I am also impressed that the access for disabled people is excellent. The Corner Cafe is a new venture. I recommend it and wish it success.

Valerie Penny

The Barony Centre, West Kilbride, Scotland

In the Main Street of West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland just around the corner from the train station, is the former Barony Church.  This has been reclaimed for the community by the work and efforts of Maggie Broadley and her team ably assisted by Lottery Funding and local charities.ImageThe building now houses a craft centre, exhibition centre, craft shop and cafe, Barony Bites.  I have attended The Barony Centre for a book launch second publication by the late Mary Strick, Warthog Hotel.  I preformed there with a singing group last Christmas and have visited to enjoy displays and exhibitions. I have also found wonderful, unique presents in the craft shop.  The shop is run by a dedicated group of cheery volunteers who greet every visitor.  However, when I meet friends to go to the Barony, we usually go to the Barony Cafe.

Barony Bites is run by Sheila Maxwell who secured the franchise when The Barony Centre opened.  They are welcoming and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble.  They even kept smiling on the day my singing group accepted their invitation to sing to them and lost them 2 customers!  I really did not think we were that bad!

Their fare, although restricted, is all freshly made.  It is open 7 days a week and the surroundings are bright, even on grey days.  This  cafe is well worth a visit.  I am sure you will enjoy The Barony Centre as a whole and Barony Bites in particular.


Note: Barony Bites Closed on 28 March 2015.

Valerie Penny

The Cherry Orchard, West Kilbride, Scotland

wkglen_019This bistro, The Cherry Orchard, West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, Scotland, in the centre of West Kilbride, is tucked between a beauty salon and the Spar and near  West Kilbride Glen, in Orchard Street. The wide windows belie the warm interior where the staff are friendly. Nobody ever feels rushed or unwelcome. The wooden tables and matching chairs are a little dated but functional.  More importantly, the food is fresh and tasty and the home made soups, scones and cakes are all delicious.

The locals support the bistro well throughout the day. This is always a good sign. Whether it be for a breakfast roll and freshly made coffee to go; a relaxed coffee and scone mid-morning to put the world to rights; a delicious light lunch perhaps a burger, baked potato or soup and a sandwich. The restaurant is always a pleasant place to be. An afternoon tea and a piece of cake or an evening meal from a varied menu, taking advantage of the reasonable corkage charges: this is a local little gem.

The worst kept secret in the village!  I highly recommend it.

Valerie Penny